The debate is on-going, curtains or drapes?

When it comes to window treatment, there are so many options on the market that it can be a tad overwhelming to choose between all of them. To add to the matter, many confuse “drapes” and “curtains” and use them interchangeably. However similar they may be, they are not the same. Each have distinct characteristics and will add their own design to a room. Being in Orange County also doesn’t make the curtain or drapes selection process any easier. With so many different home interiors you have to ask yourself, curtains or drapes?

Understanding Curtains

Curtains are fabric panels that are often sold in pairs. You can find a wide range of lengths, widths, fabrics, patterns, and colors in Orange County. They are extremely versatile and a popular choice amongst homeowners. They fit into almost every room, however, most people will find that the bedroom is an ideal place for curtains. They can be made with a lightweight fabric which means that while they do filter some light, they won’t filter all of it. This is perfect for the bedroom especially for those weekend mornings you want to sleep in. Still not convinced with curtains? Let’s look a little bit more at drapes.

Drapes add a formal appearance to any room

Like curtains, drapes are also fabric panels sold in pairs. Unlike curtains, they are lined and often made with heavier fabric to block all outside light. Drapes, also called draperies, are long enough to stretch from the top of your windows to the floor. They are made of stiffer fabrics and include luxurious materials such as velvet, silk, and damask. While draperies can come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, they most often come in solid colors and pleated. This look gives drapes a rather formal appearance which many find appealing in rooms such as the living or dining room.

So what would you choose? Curtains or drapes?

Now that we’ve talked about these two different styles of window coverings, which is better, curtains or drapes? The answer is simple, both are equally great and can compliment your house. The real difference between choosing curtains or drapes is the atmosphere you want to set for your room.

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