How do dogs affect your floors?

There are only two things that can ruin a hardwood floor beyond repair; floods and urine. The chances of a flood occurring is not that high. However, what are the chances of your dog, cat, or other pets accidentally leaving a small puddle on your beautiful hardwood floors? This can happen pretty frequently in La Habra.

If you can catch a puddle and wipe it off while it is still fresh, then the problem is minimal. But, as urine sits and decomposes, it becomes more corrosive and alkaline which will burn through your finish and into your wood floors. This happens often as dogs tend to mark the same spot over and over again. In addition to urine, dogs and cats with untrimmed nails can leave scratches and marks on your floors. Luckily, finding the best flooring options for your dog can be easy. There are many durable pet friendly options to choose from.

3 of the best flooring options for your dog

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Vinyl sheet flooring is often referred to as resilient flooring and is considered one of the most durable floor options available today. They can also replicate the look and feel of real hardwood floors with added protection and lower maintenance costs.

    How will your dog like vinyl flooring? Your little furry friend will love the cool surface during the hot summer and the warm surface during the winter. They provide insulation against cold and retain warmth but do not store heat. Also, your dog won’t be slipping and sliding around because vinyl has just enough grip to comfortably and safely run around.

  • Linoleum
  • Linoleum is very similar to vinyl and is an excellent pet friendly floor. It is a little more expensive and has fewer options to choose from; however, it still boasts many benefits. It is water-resistant, easy to clean, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.

    How will your dog like vinyl flooring? It is extremely similar to vinyl and is also made with low density materials that are suitable for various climates. Many canines have allergies which irritates their skin; therefore, linoleum is one of the best flooring options for your dog due to its hypoallergenic feature.

  • Laminate
  • While laminate fails in the area of moisture-resistance, it excels in scratch resistance. Laminate floors are popular for their incredibly tough and clear melamine wear layer, making them almost invincible to scratches. They are also easy to clean up and are a low cost option residents in La Habra.

    How will your dog like vinyl flooring? Your dog will be pretty indifferent with this option.The same clear layer that makes the floor scratch resistant, will also turn your house into an ice-rink, where your pup will be slipping and sliding around. If you love your dog, we don’t recommend this option.

    Carpet can also be a pet-friendly option for your home. Dogs spend most of their day lounging on the floor and carpet is able to provide the best comfort for them. With new technology, they have also become more durable and stain-resistant.

    Dogs are known to enhance our way of living by providing comfort, improving moods, reducing stress, and making us happy. They are amazing companions and a blessing to our lives. Unfortunately, they can also bless our hardwood floors with occasional surprises. Choosing the best flooring options for your dog and your home is important to maintain the desired look and longevity of your floors.

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