Our Signature Services.

Hardwood Refinishing

The “Wood Look” today is as popular as ever. There are many products available, like Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Laminate, etc. But more and more customers are choosing to refinish their existing Wood Floors. Many older homes were built with wood flooring included, but many homeowners covered them with wall to wall carpet, which is the preferred “look”. These days, people are removing carpet and discovering the hidden jewel underneath. At Hallmark, we can bring those old Wood floors back to life by refinishing. It’s a 3 step process that costs about the same as premium carpet. We can stain the wood to the color of your choice, and repair bad spots if needed. So Come Home to Hallmark for your refinishing needs!


Carpet Cleaning

Taking proper care of your carpet is vital to insuring years of enjoyment. Regular vacuuming and spot removal will help to accomplish that. It is recommended that Carpet be cleaned by a professional at least every 2 years, and that Hot Water Extraction, or Steam Cleaning be the method used. At Hallmark, we have a Stable of Carpet Cleaning Pros with years if experience that do the job right. Whether you purchase Carpet from Hallmark or somewhere else, call us and we will hook you up!


Give your home or office floor a facelift.

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Custom Area Rugs in La Habra

Area rugs have made an impressive comeback in popularity the last number of years due to the equally popular trend towards Hard Surface Flooring. People who replace Carpet with Hard Surface are finding that Area Rugs give that finished look to their rooms. However, Consumers are faced with the challenge of finding rugs in the right color and size. Companies that sell pre-made Rugs usually are lacking the amount of selections available. At Hallmark, we take a different approach: Custom-Made Area Rugs. Consumers can choose any Carpet from our vast selection and have it made to exactly the size they need. They can also be assured that if they choose a quality carpet, it will give them years of enjoyment. Many pre-made Rugs are made with inferior Fibers, sometimes without any Stain Protection. In addition, we offer options like Custom Borders and insets, and if necessary special backings to protect your floors. Any Color, any size – made just for you. So Come Home to Hallmark for Custom-Mae Area Rugs!


Decorator Services in La Habra

At Hallmark, we have combined 80+ years of experience that gives our customers the assurance their floor coverings and window coverings will look great when completed and provide years of enjoyment. If however, you want someone to assist with the completed project, we have a group of interior designers that can help with furniture selection, paint colors and more. Call us and we will refer the decorator best suited for your needs.